Friday, September 17, 2010


Just wanted to pop in and say hello. We are getting excited as our first visitors are about to arrive on Thursday! My mom and dad are gonna fly allllll the way over here to come see us! Yahoo! Of course... I have NO IDEA (wink) why they chose the 10 day span surrounding Corin's third birthday?! We are excited to be able to have them here in our spacious home as we celebrate Cor's special day.
Corin and I are still working hard on this potty training business. Corin still refuses to poop in the toilet, but he's got the pee and flush routine down. Only a few dribble accidents here and there. The upside to Corin not wanting to poop in the toilet, is that he at least asks me to put a diaper on him when he has to go.... at least most of the time. Yesterday we were working in the garden and he was really getting into using the shovel and then I suppose he thought the garden could use some fertilizing... YUCK. Just as well I suppose. He was headed to the bathtub after getting muddy, so I guess it was better timing than I had thought at the moment.
Our garden has been flowering and then... well, we are waiting to see what happens next. I had to pull up all our canteloupe plants. They all dried up and began to decay... just as there were two melons about the size of my fist... poor melons, poor us. So, no canteloupe crop, but we still have hopes for the watermelons. (fingers crossed) Our jalapenos have been flowering and there is a little bitty pepper on one of the plants! woohoo! I really just wanted a garden for jalapenos anyways.. and cilantro. The herbs are doing well. I have already dried a couple bunches of Parsley and the basil is growing like crazy! Taylor and I enjoy fresh cilantro on our tacos too!
I have been reading Jane Austen's Persuasion as of late and am enjoying the humor extremely! I love to imagine myself as the narrotor, simply soaking in the hilariousness of this family and the awkward relationships within. Up next, Pride and Prejudice. Taylor and I have taken a break from our usual routine of a movie or television show each night and traded it for good old fashion reading. Good trade I'd say. Good trade.
Corin now thinks every book to be the Bible that does not have pictures in the text. He cracks me up. We are chugging along with our new Bible study program, in which he learns a new story of the Bible and a memory verse each week. We started in mid-August and I can already see the fruits of my labors! Corin now has 7 verses completely memorized and has a pretty good understanding the first half of Genesis. Of course, I used his lego men to recreate the stories for him, so now when he plays with them alone, I hear him saying things like "No Adam, that's bad, you disobeyed God" or "Eve, don't eat that!" Or "Jacob lied to his daddy... that's bad Jacob." Haha. Makes me smile inside and out.
If you are interested in the program we are following, or any of the websites I use for printouts, just shoot me an email and I would be more than happy to send along those links! :) (Just put "Bible links" as the header so I don't delete you on accident!)

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