Monday, March 7, 2011

The start of a new year.

Well, contracts have been signed, visas renewed, and plane tickets bought. Corin and I(Linz) will be flying home to Dallas for a three week visit in a few days. It will be a bittersweet visit as we will both miss Tay and he will, I am sure, miss us! ;) We have decided to remain with the same school and will be roughing it in the middle of nowhere again this year! Yeongsan has become home to us and we are excited to see the multiple ministry opportunities we are given this year in opening up our spacious home to guests. There are already talks of regular game nights, which has Taylor and I thrilled to pieces! I am planning to host another women's weekend as I did last year and I believe there will be another men's retreat in the works as well.

Corin is growing like a weed. He is contantly catching Taylor and I off guard with a new vocabulary word or two and has begun to make actual jokes. He is quite humorous. :) (Obviously he did not get that from me!) Corin is obsessed with puzzles and enjoys books and coloring as well. He endures travel pretty well, which is good since neither of the churches we attend are less than an hour away! :) He has taken up the habit of correcting others, movies... even the audio books we listen to in the car, in that he will say "don't say that" to the speaker when they say words he is not allowed to use. (Like stupid, shut up, oh my gosh... so on.) I have found that the people who hangout with us most, now catch themselves before they say these phrases! Haha, our little language police is shaping up Korea one mouth at a time! Corin also has started to learn to play the ukulele along side his daddy who plays guitar. theya re quite the cute duo. :) Taylor and I have a video posted on our facebook pages, check it out! :)

Taylor and I are anticipating visitors this year, so let us know if we can set aside time for any of you that desire to travel to Korea! It is a beautiful mountainous country and has some pretty friendly people! We have a spare room and bed... so boarding is taken care of!:)

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