Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 2nd

So today is a day of rememberance. A day we take joy in the memories of our little Owen coming into the world. He was such a sweet faced baby. The perfect little neck to nuzzle into with his quickly growing baby rolls. He was a spitting image of his daddy. Owen fittingly shared the same middle name as his daddy and he brought us all great joy. Corin was timid in his reactions to Owen, not quite sure if he was ready to give up center stage for stage left just yet and so it was, our family grew from three to four. I never knew how chaotic it could be to graduate from a mother of one to two and certainly was not expecting to lose that title so quickly. As we remember the joy of Owen's birth... we also grieve the fact that he is not here to share with us his little two year old grin, or the joy in seeing his very own birthday poster, or the reaction in him opening his presents as we hold Corin back from trying to shred the paper off himself. We are missing out on a lot of things, but I am hopeful that what we are most missing out on is the joy Owen is experiencing with our Lord and Savior as He celebrates with Owen today.

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