Monday, July 23, 2012

The dust is settling!

So let me first say, yes, we need to update our header and picture to include Hank... I am sure I will get around to that by the time he is a year old... maybe. :) We have moved into our new home and are going on three weeks and counting now. Having roommates is a different experience for me having never gone off to college and shared a dorm room or an apartment with strangers. So... what's it like?! Well, so far, so good! We really enjoy our new friends! Aaron and Katie have a lot in common with us and it makes getting to know each other, eating with each other, and living in general a lot of fun. The boys have certainly made themselves at home and get along great with the roomies. Taylor is close to work, school and we are super close to church now! YAY for being able to get to and from church without Hank falling asleep and ruining his naps! :) It's the little things! The plan? Well... we "plan" for Taylor to go to Redeemer Seminary for his M.Div and then head back to Korea. Taylor would like to teach in a University and I would love to hop back on board with women's ministries and we both would like to invest in ministering to the expats there. Yes, I said the expats and not the native Koreans. We found there to be a huge need in this group as accountability was lacking and temptations abundant. We are excited to get plugged back into ministry here as we are in Dallas for a few years(at least). Prayer requests?!: That the Lord would be faithful in providing all our needs for Seminary. It will be a very time consuming and physically demanding season in our lives as Taylor attempts to work and go to school full time as well as be a husband and dad. So prayers for patience, wisdom, frugality, steadfastness, and everything else that we might need to equip our hearts and minds for this season of life would be gladly welcomed! Thank you all for you prayers and support over the last few years of our lives. We are truly blessed by the people the Lord has chosen to place in our path! LL

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