Wednesday, December 7, 2016

As we wait...

A lot has happened in the Lett household since I last updated. We have moved (so if you need our new address, please get a hold of me via Facebook, email or phone.) and are settling into a new space. It was a slightly chaotic, mad dashery dort of move... but we are no longer under the reign of our previous landlord, so things are looking up! Hank's counts have been good every week we have lived here so far ( 3 1/2 weeks now). Hank had his VERY LAST CHEMO the Wednesday of Thanksgiving. He had the heavy duty stuff, the V.A.C., and so he stayed overnight and came home with daddy on Thanksgiving morning. We threw together a last minute TG dinner for our little family of 6 and had an overall pleasantly quiet holiday. We were certainly FULL of thanks for Hank being done with Chemo. With the V.A.C. chemo, comes the immune crash, so for the last time, we deep cleaned the home and waited out the 7-10 day post-chemo crash period. Hank didn't catch anything and his counts remained pretty good last week and this week. But THIS week... Hank went in for imaging!!! Today Hank had an MRI of his head and neck to confirm what his doctors seem pretty confident in... that he is cancer freeeeeeee. Oh I can NOT wait to hear those words in celebratory confirmation!!! We should have the results by next Wednesday. There are no longer weeks, than those  in which you wait for a cancer verdict. I remember in all vivid angst, the days we awaited Hank's diagnosis. These coming days of waiting are less nerve wracking, but strangely still full of angst.  This year has been a mix of so many emotions. I never knew I could feel so much in such arrays of highs, lows, resentment, and joy. There are so many emotions that have passed through our hearts, prayers, tears, and laughter. Hank has gone from fearful to resigned to sheer bravery to true contentment. He has shouldered a lot, but he is such a joyful little trooper. I have learned so much from him and his battle. My kids have always been great instruments in learning the melody of this life. I hope the Lett melody resounds in joyful notes, rather than sorrowful or melancholy tunes. I hope the world knows we choose to break through the sorrows of our lives to see the Sun/Son light our path. I can't deny that I have struggled with bitter feelings, resentment, and frustration at God. But in my deepest parts of the heart, I simply KNOW we were carried through this year on prayers and petitions. I KNOW we were mourned over and alongside by someone who loves us dearly... I KNOW it is our Savior, who provided all of you to us... in all forms... far and near. I didn't always "feel" loved "directly" from the Lord, and yet I did... because we felt deeply loved by all of you. Watching people pour themselves out for Hank, for our family. You have no idea how much that ministered to my dark thoughts. I can never thank you all for the love you so freely gave, without expectation, without fully knowing how it may help, selflessly, sacrificially, and sincerely. You all were Christ to me, to Hank, to our family.
And so we wait...
And I wait... to send you an update!!!
Oh, and Hank's make-a-wish looks like it will be a cruise!!! He is super excited! We have to get the kids passports, so that is the next step and then on to planning dates and details!

Hank's last day of Chemo... we all went up and took him lunch.
 Hank is hoping for cllllllll clear! Okay, we all are.

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