Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Take off...

As the last couple of weeks have passed, we have been able to seal the envelope on a few plans. Our flight for Korea is scheduled for February 10th at an undesirably early hour. (Can't win 'em all!) We have a hotel booked upon arrival and for the most part, our belongings now belong to others! It is actually quite an amazing feeling being able to give all your worldly items away! We have narrowed down the things to pack and some of the items I had originally thought would be at the top, are not even on the list! :) It is rather funny how God works in your heart to change the importance of things you once held dear.
At this point, we could use prayer and maybe a little extra time in the day! ;) Haha. I suppose whatever we don't get taken care of wasn't that necessary to begin with.
Signing off... for now.

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