Thursday, February 18, 2010

Three words... first word... sounds like

Taylor and I have been very blessed in our travels. Every time we have gotten into a Taxi or caught a bus, God has somehow interpreted for us! Personally, I think if you are gifted in the game of Charades, then you could navigate your way through Korea via taxis! Our drivers must have thought we were crazy. Taylor and I have since decided that learning the language will be incredibly important... most of all for transportation purposes (until we buy a car). I have been looking up various words that I will be using in shopping for groceries and things we need. I am not sure I can act out some of those words! hahaha. Although it might be kind of funny watching me "milk a cow" or tickle my armpits before "peeling a banana" in the middle of the store! I am certain someone would find it entertaining. ****Taylor and I will be starting a language class in the EPIK Orientation this evening that I am very much anticipating. I have heard from other couples that this will be a good tool. I was pretty impressed with the couples that had only been here 6 months and the range of vocabulary they had accumulated already.**** I have been dealing with a head cold the last couple of days and decided to go visit the staff nurse. I again, used hand gestures and annunciated English to describe my runny nose and sinus pressure. She laughed at my runny nose gesture and immediately got up from her seat to grab the medicine. After picking up the box, I think she had the realization that she had to give me dosage directions and wanted to ask me a few questions. Much to her relief another staff member walked by the door and she summoned them to come help her in interpreting. Unfortunately, she had to use medical terms that he did not know the English words for, so it was a bit choppy. Then, yet another staff member wandered into the nurses office mid sentences. This staff member was very fluent and was able to ask if I was allergic to any meds and if I had ever taken a decongestant before. After consulting with the nurse, I was handed a few pills and given detailed directions. I felt confident that I was given the right medicine, but this situation only reaffirms my desire to learn Korean! I am tired of relying on those around me to decipher what I am saying. I suppose I will have to continue to be patient as I learn the language... and as I practice my Charades skills!

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  1. Did you use your hands as if you were running then point to your nose? Lol, sorry to hear your ill...but glad to read of your adventures!