Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Taking out the Trash

While trash has never been my favorite chore, I have found it to be a bit more burdensome here in Korea. Back home in the States, everything could go in one trash bag unless you CHOSE to recycle. Putting the empty milk bottles and such into the recycling bin was no biggie really, when all you had to do was set the bin out with the trash bin on the scheduled day. Easy... no fun, but easy.
Here in S.K the trash system is a bit more complex. Not only do you have to seperate the recyclables, but you have to seperate them out into all the seperate categories and place them in the appropriate spot within your trash disposal center. Our trash center is in the complex... in fact there are two, but the extent you have to seperate is crazy. ALL food waste must go into a seperate bin. We do not have garbage disposals here, so literally all food left over goes into a bucket with a lid until you dump it. From egg shells to meat trimmings... it gets grossly smelly. I HATE dumping the food waste! Then there is the trash... it has to be in an approved trash bag that is for sale at the local grocery stores. By purchasing the bags, we pay for our trash disposal bill. Then..... you have to separate Glass, Aluminum and metals, Plastic, and cardboard. Anything not in these categories may be placed in the "regular trash bags" but these items must be sorted and placed in the corresponding bin within the waste disposal area provided. Kind of a pain. So basically, you need about four baskets, a trash can and a food bucket for trash! Yeesh! So the next time you take out your trash in the States, just remember that you have got it easy! :)

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