Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Men's Retreat:

From all the comments and stories, I would say that the Men's retreat Taylor hosted here at our home, was a success! The guys had two mini sermons, via skype, that were a big hit with the guys. There was hiking and meat involved as well! Corin joined in the fun and actually looked a little more grown up when I first saw him last Sunday morning!... I think that might have been the bit of sunburn color on his face though, but I am thrilled that he was able to spend the weekend in that environment. The guys were all kind of dragging come Sunday morning at church, but were still enthusiastic in recapping the weekend's events... so you know it must have been a good time! A real quick thank you to Joe and Ray for your time and effort in preparing and presenting the scriptures! Awesome job! A super big thank you to our Heavenly Father, for the technology to skype in speakers and for blessing the time these men shared! To the guys who were here, thanks for helping out with Corin... and for picking up the house! haha! I'll leave you with a couple pictures of the weekend! For more details, you will have to contact Taylor...

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