Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So now that I have started the family feud..

I just want to take a moment to say that I love my family. I admire and adore each one of the members for different reasons. Why? Because if I loved the same things about all of 'em... I'd get bored with them real quick! :) So... just a little note as to why I love the people I love...
God: I love you because you are my creator. You sustain me in all areas of this eternal life you have graciously bestowed upon me! i thankfully PRAISE You! And many more reasons for which there are not enough words...
Taylor: You truely are my better half. 'nuff said. I love you.
Corin: You are just too stinking cute not to love... you make me smile day in and day out.
Owen: Never forgotten, always loved.
Dad: You are and will always be the person I can sit in silence with and know that what is not being said means more than what could be. That... and you are my daddy.
Mom: You are one of the most energetic people I know with a kind heart that always beats for the right people! Thank you for the woman you have helped me to become! Again... always and forever my irreplacable mommy!
Trent: Well, you are my brother and though it was a rough start as kids, I will love you through it all! (Even if you shove me into the electric fence or try to feed me to the neighbor's collies... yes, I remember more... but I will keep those bitter thoughts to myself! haha!)
Ray: You have been such an outstanding model for Taylor in your walk with the Lord... and it shows. Thank you!
Kate: I think it is fair to say we know you can cook... so as to what I mentioned with Ray, thank you for MY fine young man!
Coops: Good for a laugh everynow and then... :)
Natalie: You are the little sister I wish I ALWAYS had! :) You are the coolest of 'em all!
And the rest of you... just think of your fondest memory with me, and remember that I was on the other end of that! I love you all and miss my HUGE family back home! (friends included)


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