Saturday, July 10, 2010

The daily dish...

Sorry it has been a while, I know that only a handful of people probably even read this, but still... sorry I have neglected you! :)
Taylor is now a year older, Corin has been able to go "pee-pee" in the big boy toilet for a few days on his own now, and I am continuing to increase our waistlines with my kitchen experimentation! The summer heat is kicking in and with no air-conditioning, I am beginning to work more "water sports" into the daily routine with Corin. Before I get a million comments asking how hot it is here, I will clerify that it is comparable to midwestern summers... high 80's-low 90's with relatively consistant humidity. So not super hot... but A/C is not a popular comodity here.

So lately, the Lett family has been hanging with new friends or going on school field trips on our weekends. Last week, we went to a ceramics workshop where we were given barely any creative freedom in sculpting a dish out of clay. Of course there were molds that we shaped the clay with and then we were apparently supposed to follow our instructors every move there after. We didn't. (I know, REBELS!) I finished mine before she could really say anything though and Tay's... well she grabbed it out of his hands and "fixed" it for him. After she left him alone, he "repaired" the damage she had done as best he could! Hahaha! Corin got to play with "clay-dough" too! Of course he is the celebrity in the family, so he got to do whatever he wanted to with his hunk of clay! :/ Go figure. This kid gets all the perks of "waegook" life here. He gets money, candy, creative freedom... he may protest when we decide to come back! Anyways...(stay on topic, Lindsey) we should be getting our "plates" back soon and I will upload photos. I regret not taking my camera with me when we went, but I thought we would be getting a little too messy to bring the nice camera along. So... you will just have to wait along with us to see the end products!

Early on in the week, I bought a HUGE bag of onions. Now when I say huge, I mean the bag contains 75ish onions. Yes, HUGE! I thought I was being smart here. I mean, onions freeze well, so I would just dice them up and freeze them to use in , well just about everything! Plus... that would be my onion purchase for the rest of the year AND I was helping out a local farmer by buying directly from them on the roadside. It was only about $10.50 for the bag and I had enough ziplock bags, so I was golden! Oh wait... that's right... when I got home I realized the ziplocks would not be the problem, the freezer space would be! Oops. WEll, let's just say I am going to cram them in or we will have a LOT of onions in our food for the next few weeks! You can send me any good oniony recipes!;)

We have been having massive rains the past two weeks as we are apparently in "rainy season" mid-summer. The funniest part about the rainy season is that Taylor's co-teacher totally predicted the day it would start! haha! Anyways... the rain has put a damper on my laundry drying time, but has been nourishing our little garden! We have melons out the waazoo and now I am wondering what we will do with all the melon now that our freezer is full of onions?! Oh well. Here in Korea, fruit is traditionally given as a gift, hence the raised prices on our sweet produce. Taylor and I can now enjoy giving home grown gifts without breaking the bank! I am also looking forward to our jalepenos to start producing peppers... I am soooooo ready for a good batch of salsa. No more Pace picante sauce.

Taylor and I recieved a box full of blessings from friends and family the other day and just want to publicly thank all who contributed... Your love and generosity brought smiles to our faces, joy to our hearts, and tears to my eyes!

This weekend, we went on another field trip with Tay's school and we got to visit a Folk village as well as another wetland. I have pictures for you to peek at, so I will let them tell the story of our weekend journey as I sign off to go play with our little munchkin! I will post the pictures soon, but wanted to get this up. Love you guys! Thanks for all the prayers and support while we have been here!


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