Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summertime in South Korea

Okay. It is hot. I have not had a day where I wasn't sweaty and sticky for the past two weeks. Gross. Cooking is rather revolting to me now as I smell myself more than the food by the time all is said and done!(Is it revolting to you now too?!) haha! Anyways, there is a glimmer of hope... an event which I have been loking forward to for a while now... summer vacation! A road trip accross the sothern tip of Korea is in the works for next week! We will hit up beaches and festivals and National parks as well! I am so excited and to add to the fun, we will be joined by another couple from our church who just bought a car! Sweet! I am ready to sleep under the stars and eat food from a cooler and sink my toes into the sand! Summer vacation here we come!

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