Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like... July.

Wheeeeewwweee. Things are warming up quickly here in the ROK. This past weekend was especially brutal as we went to an evening baseball game in Daegu with our friends, the Boys. Greg and Gabi graciously took us into thier home and fed us, watered us, and then took us to a ballgame! Go Lotte Giants! Of course, this was a game between our two big rival cities... Daegu (Samsung Lions) vs Busan (Lotte Giants) I won't mention who won as it is a sensitive subject for the Boys... who LOST! :) Anyways. That morning, before we left for the game, the guys headed to a nearby hiking area complete with river for cooling down in. Corin of course DOMINATED the water! :) Here are a couple shots of the guys doing what guys do best...

And here is a couple shots from the sweltering baseball game...

And now it is time for...

So things Corin has said and or done in the past month, which trust me this is NOT a complete list!

Funny things:
1. Corin can now write his name... both forwards and backwards!

2. Corin can also draw people in realistic stances. (When asked why his Corin only had one arm, his reply was:" Well mommy, I I am waving and I only wave with one arm." Aha. I see. I too only wave with one arm, so this makes perfect sense.)

3. Corin and I are creating a Biblical History timeline around his room using Bible coloring pages. So far, we have only gotten through creation, but forward we go!

4. Corin adores standing at the back window to say long loving goodbyes in the mornings when daddy leaves for work and LOVES greeting him curbside when he comes back home!
5. Corin thinks he's a cheetah about 59% of the time.
6. Corin is immune to freezing cold water and loves to play in it be at the beach, the river or in a tiny tub of water in our back wetroom.
7. Corin is highly allergic to some forms of bugbites and his eye tends to swell to triple the size when bitten on the eyelid by said mysterious bug.
8. Corin thinks every bug is his best friend.
9. Corin's name for every bug, plant, animal, or unknown person: Larry. (Kind of my fault... I got tired of coming up with and remembering names for each new "friend" and so Larry became my staple... and Corin's too!)
10. Corin loves to watch Superbook. (Bible story cartoon from 80's or 90's)

Funny things Corin has said:
1. While talking to grandma about why they had to get rid of one of their dogs that nipped his cousin Austin, Corin seemed to put his Biblical knowledge into play and told Grandma Maynard that " If that dog tried to bite Austin, I would throw it into the fiery furnace!" (Too much veggietales perhaps? Hmm. We had to explain that he was not Nebakanezer.)
2. Corin loves to sing and was busting out some Lacrae lyrics the other day as he roamed about the house singing repeatedly, "I'm a snitch man, I'm a snitch man!"
3. Corin is a diligent littel prayer partner for the staff at Kid's Camp this week. We have been praying at dinner time for people we were assigned to as prayer partners as well as the rest of staff and campers. Corin loves praying for Superman, Kimo, Strider, Coondog, Lois Lane and Fizz right along with us! :)
4. Some of the most hilarious conversations happen in the car while we are driving to church, but I can;t ever really rememeber the specifics... I hope to catch him on video in the next couple pf weeks to document for him how much of a chatterbox he was at age three. Yeesh that kid can talk!!! :) He also has quite humorous conversations while in his room during "quiet time."
5. Corin is going through a forced laugh phase. It is quite loud and obnoxious... we are working with him to tone it down a bit and or drop it all together, but he likes to be in on the jokes with the adults and his mental capacity for understanding some jokes just has not yet developed... poor guy, he is trying to grow up so fast. :)

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