Monday, August 22, 2011

Summertime in the ROK

As most of you probably already know, the Letts just finished up three weeks of vacation. What did we do, you ask? Well, we mostly enjoyed relaxing at home together and watching lots of movies and eating lots of ice cream bars! :) When we weren't busy relaxing in our airconditioned room, we were taking day trips here and there. We visited friends, spent a couple days at the beach, attended a fishing festival, and we went to a couple going away parties for friends headed back to the States. It was good to have time together as a family. Corin loved having dad home for such a long period of time.
Taylor just started back to work Monday and Corin about lost it when he left that morning. He was quite upset and constantly asked when Tay would be coming home.
While I enjoy vacation time, it is always nice to get back to a daily routine and have the house in order once again. I felt like I was living in a constantly exploding home for the past three weeks.... as if I could not keep up with the daily wear and tear the house endured. So, while I am saddened that Tay has to be back at work all day, I am glad to be back in control of the daily duties.
Monday I reached 35 weeks pregnant and am counting down the weeks now until little Lett arrives. We are getting pretty excited about all that is happening in the next month. The Letts... as in Tay's parents and little sister, will be visiting us in about two weeks!!!! It should be a lot of fun playing tour guides yet again. It has been a year and a half since Taylor has seen any family, well, other than skyping Coops. After their ten day visit, there will be a week or so before my mom arrives in time to help with birthday preparations for both Corin and the little one! I am hoping this baby doesn't decide to hunker down as long as Owen did past the expected due date. My birth prediction date is October 4th at the moment, though we will see how close I get to guessing correctly! :)
Corin is constantly growing and becoming more imaginative. He is quite the little entertainer. He has also become quite the engineer with his legos. He constructs some pretty ornate vehicles and replicas of various vehicles he has spotted on our drives to and from Busan. The other day he made a crane that looked very similar to the ones in the shipping yards we pass on our way to church.
The weather has been rainy and cool this past week, which is a total relief after the sweat dripping weather we have had prior to. I know, I know... it's hot in Texas... but it's Texas. (Home of the bi-polar weather patterns.) Korea seems to have fairly distinguished seasons. I think I prefer having 4 seasons rather than 2. :)
Ihope to get some pictures up soon, not that I took a ton over our vacation, but I will post what I've got at some point in the near future. :)

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