Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Letts come to town... eeerrr country. :)

This month has been a bit of a whirlwind. It seems like we have been running around a lot more as of late. Between weekly doctor visits for baby bump, church, and family visiting, this month has been flying by.
The latest update on Bumpy is that the doctor thinks the due date will be before Oct.1 and last week she said Bumpy is already almost the same size and weight as the boys were... so I think we are getting close!
Tay's parents and little sister came out for a 10 day visit. Taylor and I subjected the Letts to all sorts of Korean food, from kimchi jiggae(spicy red pepper and cabbage soup with tofu and pork) to hoddeok (sweet rice flour pancake/ fried and stuffed with brown sugar, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and more yumminess). Natalie was not too impressed with most of it, but she was quite the trooper and tried just about everything! Ray and Kate were pretty good sports, though I would have to say that Ray ate the widest variety and the most at all the meals.
We hit some hot spots in Busan after staying the night at a Beach front hotel off Gwangalli Beach. We tried to walk the Jagalchi fish market, but only the street vendors were open as it was Chuseok... Korean Thanksgiving. We then headed over to Nampodong where we ate yummy lunch and our favorite street sweet.. hoddeok. :) We proceeded to do a little window and street-side shopping where Natalie stocked up on socks galore. ( A must do in Nampo)
We went for several walks in our countryside rice patties, they hiked in Yeongsan, visited a nearby temple and did a little more shopping in town. We also visited Masan/Changwon for a dose of Korean McDonalds and the only one adventurous enough to try the bulgogi burger was Ray... way to go Ray! :) Then we did a little more shopping and got Natalie a good Konglish shirt and picked up a few other gifts. Of course we intorduced them to our beloved Home Plus and they were able to get a few goodies for other people there.
We also were able to stay a night just outside of Daegu at a BEAUTIFUL cabin that backed up to a mountain. Kate and I stayed behind to take in the scenery from our back porch as the others went off exploring that evening. In the morning hours, they had some fun in the mountain stream while Kate and I again enjoyed the fresh air and gorgeous views that we were blessed with from our porch. Morning quiet times are pretty much amazing with that view! (May have to invest in a mountain-side cabin home.)Taylor and I are already trying to figure out how many more times we can take advantage of those cabins before we leave Korea!
We managed to squeeze in a trip to a Bulgogi restaurant way out in the gorgeous countryside.

Afterwards we went to nearby Changwon for a look-see at the historical museum which included relics of the past as well as famous Korean burial tombs.

This might have been a mistake though, because for the rest of the Letts' visit, my poor little baby bump was likened to a burial tomb. Stinkers. (If you look at the pictures of the tombs, you might be inclined to do the same... I suggest you don't though. I have the power to withhold pics of said soon to be vacated tomb resident!) :P
By the end of the trip, the girls were all in pretty bad shape... kind of funny, kind of not. Natalie had bruised her tailbone by sliding down a rock which apparently was not made for sliding, Kate was having hip issues (which I am sure our rock-like bed did not help) and I was, well I was dealing with the joys of being nine months pregnant. So the three of us hobbled, wobbled and groaned as we sat down in an effort to get comfy. The traditional Korean floor tables, at which we ate for most of the restaurant outings, were definitely giving us some problems!
It was overall a fun vacation filled with lasting memories. I am really glad Ray, Kate and Nat got to come out and experience a little bit of Korea.
I won't lie though, while it was great having them here, I was kind of glad to get back to a quiet house and sleeping in my own bed. (Grandparents and Aunts sure do know how to wind up a 4 year old!) Speaking of Four year old... Corin got his birthday present early from the Lett family. He got his very first baseball mit and is pretty much obsessed with it! He has played with it day in and day out since unwrapping it. Thanks Grandma Katy-bob, Grrrrandpapa, and Aunt Natawie!

I will leave you with a pic of three generations of Lett men! :)
Since this was not exactly my vacation and since we had been most the places before, I didn't take all that many pictures, so if the Lett Srs decide to upload photos, I will try and share more... but for now, this is what I've got! :)

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