Sunday, April 17, 2016

As our needs change...

As we trek further into the thick of this journey, we find our expectations and needs changing. We initially set up our caring bridge account with the idea that we would need help on Hank's chemo days with cleaning and meals. We've since realized that everything happening on the same day creates a rather stressful day for us. "Scheduling" our life is complicated. You can't schedule sick days, or long waits for treatments. You can't schedule fussy toddlers or the need for a day of quiet. Life is too unpredictable lately in our home to create a set day for things to happen each week. So while the needs themselves may not be changing all together, the way those needs are met require some tweaking.
I may need help from time to time to get a deep clean done on the kids toys, so if you are interested in being on the short list of people to call when that need arises... feel free to email me or message me on Facebook.
We also may need meals made from time to time... and if you are interested in providing us a meal, please feel free to email or message me for further details.
We are incredibly thankful for the outpour of support and prayers.
This Wednesday, Hank will be going in for the heavy hitting treatment. He's only had it once before, but it didn't go so well... he spent the night throwing up every two hours and then followed up with lots of diarrhea. Prayers for the doctors to be able to stay ahead of any symptoms from the chemo would be greatly appreciated. Also that he would remain well, and his counts not drop too low to receive treatment. Thanks.

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