Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Oh, it's may?!

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. I will start with saying that Hank did FABULOUS after his last heavy "V.A.C" chemo. It was a long day though... Taylor took Hank to Children's Medical City in Dallas around 8:30am that day. After waiting for a couple hours, they gave Taylor the choice to head to the Plano campus for chemo, or to go home and come back on Thursday. After letting Hank choose, Taylor and the tank headed to Plano. Hank was slightly dehydrated when they checked his levels, so before chemo could start, they pumped some fluids in that little guy. Chemo started later in the afternoon, which meant he would need to stay overnight. Hank only vomited once before they were able to manage his symptoms with meds. Yay!
Fast forward to the next Tuesday, when Taylor takes Hank to the hospital at 6am for an MRI, then  Wednesday morning went in for an outpatient injection. His counts were low, specifically his red blood counts, so the doctors told us to closely monitor Hank for fever... which is the first sign of something lurking in his immune compromised body. Low and behold, that very night Hank spiked a fever just before bedtime. So off I went with the little guy to the ER. We were admitted around 11pm, and in our own room by 2:30am. Hank was given antibiotics and we crashed. After an early wake up time we met with doctors... who wanted to see Hank's counts go up and him fever free for 24 hours before he could head home. So we got right on that. Hank's fever had broken during the night and tried to get him to eat and drink all day... gotta create that blood! After a day in bed, lots of movies, video games, legos and grandma time... plus a Ruby coming to join us... we spent another night in the hospital. The next morning, Hank's 4am labs came back and his counts were UP up and we were away! We took it easy the rest of the weekend and tried to lay low, for fear of having to go back to the hospital.
While we were in the hospital, we missed an appointment with the Proton Radiation center, where Hank was supposed to go in for his simulation day and final imaging prior to the start of radiation therapy. That appointment was rescheduled for today, Monday, and so the week begins. whew.
My head is reeling from all that has been happening. Taylor is in crunch mode for the end of semester with school, crunch mode for building the new ropes course he works for, and all when we are about to begin radiation treatments every day of the week for about 6 weeks (roughly 2 hour treatment window since he has to be sedated every time)... and in the early morning in Irving (about 45 minute drive). These six weeks will also include chemo, two of the weeks being Irintotecan weeks. (everyday, 90 minute treatments.)
Radiation starts next Wednesday.


  1. Lindsey you are such a trooper! If anyone can handle this all I think it's you. Our prayers and love are with you all! Take care of yourself too!

  2. God Bless you all and give you strength thru the next trying weeks. Prayers continue.