Monday, February 8, 2016

Biopsy to a private room

We arrived at Childrens today for Hank's scheduled biopsy. After waiting what seemed an eternity, Tay and I were called into a consultation room, where Dr Berg confirmed that the frozen sample showed cancerous cells. It was hard to hear that be confirmed. Then he told us Hank would be admitted under the care of an oncology team so they could get more tests underway while we waited for the pathology reports from the biopsy. Hank had a slightly rough time coming off the anethstesia and pain meds and it was so hard to not look at him,as a healthy strong kid coming down off these meds, and envision all the rounds of treatment we will have to watch him go through. I fought back tears as I saw a sweet young child rolled down the hallway past us in a wheelchair with a shiny perfect head. That could be Hank soon. 
When we got to our room, we had several doctors and nurses come in to speak with us. After an hour or so, we were told Hank would get three more scans tomorrow, all needing sedation. An MRI, CT, and PET scans to check whether the cancer is localized or if it has spread. This will give us a better idea of how to treat the cancer in addition to what type we find out we are dealing with from the biopsy results. He will also have to have labs drawn (he hates needles). 
We are on the stem cell transplant ward floor because they didn't have any free rooms on the oncology floor, so visitors aware limited to healthy people only. No flowers are allowed (just in case anyone was thinking of sending flowers). We can feel everyone's prayers. It is still surreal that we have to help Hank battle against cancer, but as the reality sinks in, I am more aware of how gracious the Lord has been to our family in the support He is providing through you all. 
While it was crushing hearing the news, it was even more heartbreaking watching Corin absorb Hank's post-op appearance. Tubes coming out of his hand, monitors strapped to him and the machines, blood stains on his sheets from wiping his mouth, and hearing the adults talk about scary cancer stuff. As he went to hug Hank goodnight, he broke. Tears flooded down his face and he held Hank in a hugging embrace. When he let go, he quickly buried his face in my shoulder and then in his aunt Natalie's. He is heartbroken for his brother. 
Please, continue to petition the Lord our God. This is a long journey that rapidly began for us and we are still trying to catch pace with all that has happened since last Thursday. Our lives are on hold, yet barreling forward all at the same time. We will need a lot of things, but most of all prayer warriors. Resting in the Lord. 


  1. Thank you for the update. Keeping you all in our prayers - The Glasses

  2. While my heart aches with yours, and tears burn my eyes, I know we serve a loving God who is good! And we must cling to what we know is true, when emotions are fickle.
    We love y'all, and will continue to lift you all up to Jehovah Nissi, the one who is our Banner, leading us into war, Jehovah Rapha, our Healer, and Jehovah Shalom who is our spite of what our eyes see, in spite of what fears lurk in the shadows.
    He. Loves. Us.
    And He cannot do otherwise. Therein, we rest.
    Much, much love,
    Jacqui & David Cherry

  3. Our family is praying and available with anything that may lessen some burdens.

  4. Hank is in a great place where miracles happen. Educate yourselves about what he is facing and treatments so you can be informed advocates. Praying for the little guy and his family

  5. I came across this post via Jane Dodge. I am sorry to hear your news and I want you to know that my family and I will definitely be praying for you all, and especially for Hank.