Friday, February 5, 2016

Biospy Scheduled

Well today we met with our Otolaryngologist. Basically a pediatrician that specializes in face and throat tissues/issues. He was a little less vague with us, but just as compassionate as our ENT. Dr. Berg, our new doc, examined Hank and let us know that the team of experts that have looked at his MRI feel they need to act as quickly as possible. So we have a biopsy scheduled for Monday at 2pm... which could lead to surgery that night.  With part of the tissue they remove on Monday, they will be performing what is called a "frozen tissue?". Basically from this procedure, they will be able to have a preliminary result as to whether it is malignant or not. (which they believe it to be from MRI) Since Hank will be fully sedated for the biopsy, they will take the results of the frozen tissue and decided whether it is of benefit to go ahead and remove as much of the growth/tumor as possible. He warned us that they may not remove all the tissue, especially if it impedes something structurally that Hank needs for daily function. We were warned that he might suffer some numbness or loss of feeling due to nerve damage in his lip and cheek. This could be temporary or permanent. The scariest part of the appointment was when Dr. Berg gave a name to what they think they are dealing with. The MRI has given them reason to think this tumor is "Rhabdomyosarcoma." Basically soft tissue cancer. If this is what we are dealing with, he will require  both surgery and "medical" treatments... radiation or chemotherapy. The doctor said this will likely be a long journey. And can be very serious/life threatening, so he is pursuing treatment as quickly as he is able. We are sort of in shock... land sort of just waiting to hear what the final diagnosis is. Until Monday/ full results are in, we can only speculate and pray against this. So let's pray together against it. Thanks all.

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