Thursday, February 4, 2016

Heavy Hearts

It is with a heavy heart that we bring you an update on Hank. We are still processing through our visit today with our ENT specialist at Childrens. She started off by explaining that what they originally thought was scar tissue or possibly calcification in the nasal area due to repeated trauma (kicks), was not what we were dealing with in Hank's case. She said that it was pure coincidence (Providence) that  the inflammation from the boys' ninja session brought the issue to our attention. They don't think the inflammation played any role in the growth of this mass. While she wasn't willing to speculate on what exactly the growth is, she does know (from the MRI) that it is not benign. She had already called another specialist yesterday, after calling us to set up our appointment with her, to make an appointment for him to see Hank ASAP... as in tomorrow. Taylor asked Dr. W how concerned she was, and she responded very seriously with "I am, we are, very concerned and want to progress treatment as quickly as we are able to." It was in that moment that Taylor and I knew this was going to be a heartbreaking journey. Dr W is uncertain what we are dealing with, but both she and the radiologist believe it could likely require more than just surgery... as she mentioned radiation and chemotherapy as possible treatment options. The praise of the day is that the mass/tissue has not breached any of his facial cavities, as far as they can tell, and that it has only spread in the exterior tissue. So while it has deformed his nose, cheek and lip, it has not applied pressure on any interior glands, etc. So praise God for that.
On the drive home, I couldn't help but think of what I thought was a prolonged timeline in the expediency of Hank's care up to now. Oh what a mercy that we did not have this news prior to my stomach bug, Christmas, and Ruby's arrival. We would have all been incredibly stressed and burdened with all those colliding. So I can only thank the Lord that His timing is not my timing. It is hard resting in the Lord with this news... I know the many trials and heartaches that the Lord has brought us through up to now, but it is so hard to find peace in this moment just now. Please pray for Taylor and I as we begin a journey of doctors' visits and big decisions. Please pray for Hank, that the growth would slow or stop growing. Please pray for our family as we all wrap our heads around this, especially Corin... he is very sensitive and tenderhearted towards suffering and has already shed many tears over Hank's nose.
We have an appointment with another doctor specializing in the face and throat tomorrow (3/5) at 1pm. Dr B will examine Hank and discuss a biopsy time with us. Once we have the biopsy, it will take about 5-7 days to process the tissue sample to let us know exactly what we are going to treat, and how to proceed with treatment (forms of treatment/surgery.) So we won't really have anymore information or answers to our questions until the biopsy comes back, which could take a couple weeks... so I likely won't have any updates until then. So until the next update, thank you for your prayers... they are priceless.

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  1. Oh friends, how our hearts sank when we read this. Ben and I fell to our knees in prayer for Hank and your whole family. May the Lord sustain you through this dark valley with the light of His presence. Esther and Ben