Monday, March 8, 2010

No place like home...

As we begin to settle into our spacious new home, we are rediscovering the joys of stocking a house to create a home. Our floors and walls remain bare as we search the web for good deals on furniture and other accessories. The walls are covered in wall paper from floor to ceiling, so painting is sort of out of the question. the walls are made of concrete... so again, hanging is not really an option either. We do however have wood molding lining the seams of our walls where they meet the ceiling, and so I find myself brainstorming ways to suspend wall adornments. (I am envisioning clear fishing wire for most of the house, but I suppose we will have to see what is available to us.) We are in need of curtains, but not having made the top of our priority list, I have made substitutions as needed. Corin's windows are now adorn with newspaper, tourist maps, and vasaline... to be sure, my most cleaver endevor yet! :) Taylor and I are finding storage to be our most urgent concern as we have two wardrobes to hang all our clothes as well as Corin's and then two drawers of which one is loaded with diaper changing supplies. So, I am still living out of a suitcase until we can get a hold of a dresser or perhaps some bookshelves. Our Kitchen is rather bare as well. I had forgotten how long it took to build up my collection of spices and other pantry staples. Groceries here are a bit more expensive and so Taylor and I are slowly introducing new flavors into our diet. We have the basics for now, which is fine by me, but sooner or later we will need to figure out some fun new recipes to try. We have the challenge of cooking without an oven. I find myself longing to bake and when we are in Busan, my eyes... and stomach... are drawn to the windows of the parisan bakeries! Although I plan to purchase an oven while here, it again did not make it to the top of the list just yet. I am looking forward to making our house a home as I add personal touches here and there. I am also looking forward to the night Taylor and I can wind down the day while watching a movie on a COUCH! We will be temporarily planting our backsides on either floor mats, or retreating to our bed with the laptop. And so, let the stocking stage begin!

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