Thursday, March 25, 2010

Story time!

A few weeks ago Taylor had been teaching an elective class that wrote and illustrated children's stories. (Taylor's creative idea!) Taylor invited Corin and I to join in as the audience for the final reveals. So after Corin's nap, we packed up and headed into town to meet Taylor up at the middle school on a beautiful Friday afternoon. Upon arrival the students, which consisted entirely of middles school girls, were putting the finishing touches on their projects. I took a few snapshots throughout the visit to give you a glimse of the experience.
Finally it was story time! We all gathered into a circle at the back of the room as the girls argued over who would be forced to read first! For the most part... the girls seemed very shy and hesitant to read out loud. Once everyone was seated, Taylor just pointed to girls and informed them they were reading! haha. The first story, Corin was unsure of... the girl reading sat beside him and showed him the pictures as she read. Corin soon began pointing to the pictures and asking questions. The girls all giggled throughout his interigations and we somehow made it through all three stories. At the end of each story, Corin's response varied between a "hooray", a hug, and a handshake! He also passed his sucker around... the girls just held it a laughed! The conclusion resulted in a round of high fives for all who threw their hands in the center of the circle. It was a great experience for all involved! Corin walked away with about three or four suckers and three stories, written just for him! :) I will let the pictures tell you the rest...

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