Monday, March 8, 2010

Taylor... a middle school drama teacher?

As most of you may now know, Taylor is teaching in a local Middle school consisting of 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. He is teaching about 16 hours a week and the rest is spent creating new lesson plans and nicely polished presentations! He seems to be really enjoying his new job. He comes homes with stories of co-teachers and the vice-principal taking him for walks after lunches, interesting dishes served for lunches, and exciting new lesson plan ideas to share. This past week was his first and it ended on a Saturday, where he began composing a screenplay for his upcoming drama class. He will be in charge of an afterschool elective class where he will direct the students in a short drama spoken in English. Taylor shows both hesitation and anticipation as he prepares the script. I am very proud of the lessons he has created thus far and am certain he will succeed in this area if not excel! Taylor will be required to teach two Saturdays a month, both of which Corin and I will be able to join him! The school hosts various elective classes that day including art classes! I am sure Corin and I will be able to make some sort of creative mess there! Taylor's contract with EPIK states that he does not have to work on Saturdays, but we both feel as though his school has been beyond generous in their provisions for us, so we are willing to give up our Saturday mornings as long as we are able to participate at the school together. I admit it is hard having Taylor work normal hours now. I am used to having him home during the week to share in caring for and entertaining Corin, but I think the change is producing fruits in all of us... they are not ripe yet, but the spring is coming! :) Please pray for Taylor that he would be able to create dynamic and intersting lessons for the students as well as praying for his drama class preparations. Also, please pray for both Taylor and I in learning the language as we both now are able to read Korean with fewer mistakes. (Taylor is definitely a step ahead of me with that!) We seem to have a grasp on basics, such as money, hello, goodbye, thank you, and various food based vocabulary. We are improving each day! Praise God!

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