Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not everything is bigger in Texas...

The new Lett tradition falls in line with our new church's: Sunday lunch with ICC members and visitors for fellowship and food! Last week we went out with our friends Jeff and Eunji and another couple. Jeff and Eunji have the upper hand when it comes to picking a restaurant, since Eunji has grown up with the food and is familiar with the local menus. They decided to hit up a Korean joint where they griddle fried "bacon" at your table served with various veggies and warm kimchi. As they brought out the meat and raw veggies, Taylor and I were amazed at the size of the cut of meat. We have seen thick sliced bacon... but man oh man was this THICK! Sam Gyup Sal is the proper name. (You can google if you'd like) It is served with a tray bearing 6 different dipping options. Some of the sauces I have no idea what they were, but the taste variation ranged from sweet to salty to spicy to savory. There was a Bean dust which you were to dip your meat in first. (Finely ground dried red beans) Then you chose the dipping sauce of your choice... one of which is the Bulgogi BBQ sauce, famously linked to Korean cuisine. Then you layer the meat on one of two grean leaf choices along with marinated fresh onions, griddled veggies, and if you are lucky... thinly sliced layers of rice cake. (they looked like deli sliced cheese when we first saw them, only in varying colors including green! ) It was so tasty we ordered an extra round! :0D ****** Later on this week, Taylor came home from work with a small bag of goodies he had picked up in town, one of the goodies being Korean Bacon! I did not have all the sauces to make and authentic dish, but I used what we had and it turned out pretty good! Corin and Taylor cleaned their plates that night! I was so impressed with the size again, that I thought to catch a photo of the Bacon in my 12 inch frying pan... check it out!

Our slices measured almost 12X3 inches and was over a centimeter deep!
The cut of meat comes from the belly of the pig and should consist of at least three layers alternating between meat, fat, meat. Some butchers are more liberal with their cuts. The "bacon" also will have the belly skin still remaining on the meat... but no hair! :) I know some of you with weak stomachs just heard yours churn a bit, but much like fried chicken... the skin is the best part! (sorry mom) Well, I will close this Korean cuisine post with a dedication to my food loving friends! (you know who you are! AGY)

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  1. Oh yummy! You're making me want to try something. And to everyone else who feels disgusted: We're Gentiles, aren't we. LOL!!!